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Coaching C.L.O.U.T. also has programs geared towards the young adult.  Deciding on a college major or life career can be a scary and daunting task.  Where do you begin?  Our DISC assessment program helps teens identify and understand their natural strengths and passions.  We can help match these drives with possible career options that utilize these same strengths, leading to a career to love!  This program is also highly applicable to anyone considering career changes.

Anyone striving for maximum success in their daily interactions and deep and meaningful relationships needs these skills.  Coaching C.L.O.U.T. would be happy to design a program that best fits your needs – one that will help you reach new horizons!  Please call or email to discuss your goals.

Types of Services Offered:

Other programs include:

  • Family Dynamics
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication and Motivation

“The character and history of each child may be a new and poetic experience to the parent, if he will let it” - Margaret Fuller


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Basic Introduction to DISC – Approximately 1.5 hours


Parenting is often referred to as the ‘toughest job you’ll ever love’. Each and every child is born with a unique personality style and no operating manual! Parents are often faced with raising children who have vastly different approaches to life than they themselves do. What seemed effective in raising one child may not be working with the next. Why is raising one child so much easier than another? Sometimes it seems that parents don’t understand their children at all!!! How can you become effective parents to your children? We can help!

CONTACT BY EMAIL mora@coachingclout.net

This workshop is an interactive and fun introduction to understanding different personality styles; their basic strengths, needs, and drives.  After the introduction, you will immediately be able to utilize your newly learned knowledge and skills to better understand yourself and others.  You will also have a common language that makes communication easier and more efficient for both adults and teens alike.

Coaching C.L.O.U.T. can help you to:

  • Understand different personality differences
  • Learn your child’s approach to life and learn their language
  • Improve communication with your child(ren).
  • Understand and appreciate the unique strengths of your child(ren).
  • Learn how to motivate your child(ren) according to their personality.

"Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children, and no theories”

                                                                      - John Wilmot