Programs Include:

Teamwork is taught.  You don’t just lump a group of people together in a room and call them a team and expect them to behave like one. 

                                          – Pat Summitt

Our Most Popular Program:

This seminar is an interactive and fun introduction to understanding different personality styles; their basic strengths, needs, and drives.  After this session your group will already be able to utilize your new knowledge and skills to better understand themselves and others.  Everyone will have a common language that makes communication easier and more efficient for both coaches and players.

  • See and value the strengths of others
  • Understand why each personality type is important
  • Increase effective communication
  • Learn tips for creating and bonding to a common goal
  • Reduce or eliminate interpersonal conflicts
  • Recognize personal and team motivations and drives
  • Create a common language
  • Improve team cohesion and cooperation, and build team unity
  • Improve communication between players and/or coaches.
  • Increase team cooperation

These seminars or small group sessions will be designed specifically to meet your needs.  Some groups we have presented to:

  • Athletic Departments
  • Coaches’ Development
  • Leadership Councils
  • Club Administrators
  • Parents Groups

Additional programs could include:

  • Training team captain(s) in effective leadership and communication skills.
  • Fitting team members into appropriate roles.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Determining team strengths and weaknesses
  • Assessing team personnel needs.


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*Cost: Contact us for pricing. Discount pricing for 2 or more teams during same visit. Call for more information.


Coaching C.L.O.U.T can teach your team to...


Coaching  U.


Recommended in conjunction with the Introduction Seminar. An in-depth exploration of the strengths and challenges inherent to your particular team. Learn about the many dynamics at work, including coach-player, positional roles, leadership, training needs and much more.

*Cost is determined by number of participants, length of session, and materials needed.  Sessions can be designed to involve team members and coaches together or separately, and are customized to each team’s specific issues and needs. 

  • Basic Team Communication
  • Team Building
  • Leadership Training
  • Advanced Team Communication

Introduction to DISC - Approximately 1.5 hours

Team Composition - Approximately 1.5 hours

Other Training Options -1-3 Hours depending on topic(s)


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